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The Dr Comfort 3D Scanner Revenue Calculator

Do you ever purchase capital equipment, and wonder how much Return on Investment you really earn?

Fill in the blue fields below to see how much revenue and profit your practice could earn this year using our Dr Comfort 3D Scanner..

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  • Number of Medical Grade Shoes per Month:
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  • Annual Revenue:
  • Annual Profit:

"We have used the Dr Comfort 3D Scanner from its first day in our clinic. The patients love the scanner - it adds that 'wow factor' for patients, eliminates messy plaster and captures the foot in incredible detail. We find it so easy to use. The range of devices we can choose from, the modifications and quality of the devices are fantastic. We were amazed with the turnaround time - we can get a great orthotic at a great price in a very short time frame. It allows me to see more patients and make more orthotics. We will continue to use the scanner... I really like it!"
- Maria Zauner - Owner of Suncoast Podiatry