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What are the main causes of arch pain?

The main conditions affecting the arch are Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and General Arch Pain.

Learn about each of these conditions below.

You can click on each of these conditions to discover more about them and how they affect the arch — and how footwear can alleviate common symptoms.


Do you feel a sharp pain behind your ankle, across your arch and along the bottom of your foot?

Posterior tibial tendonitis is what doctors call the inflammation of the tendon that helps keep your foot arch up. It usually results from an overuse injury.

You can find out more about Posterior Tibial Tendonitis by CLICKING HERE.


“Fallen arches” is the phrase people most commonly use to describe pain and strain in their arches.

Sources of arch pain are usually associated with pronation — excessive motion within the foot.

You can find out more about Arch Pain by CLICKING HERE.