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Corns and Calluses

Painful corns and calluses are caused by excessive friction or pressure on the skin. Diseases that cause alterations to the blood vessels, nerves or connective tissue can also contribute to the cause of skin deformities. If left untreated the condition will get progressively worse and may lead to greater tissue damage and pain or in some instances ulceration and amputation.

A corn is usually caused by a stress or strain of the deep dermis (skin) as the superficial skin moves in one direction and the deep structures of the foot move in an opposite direction. The end result is a small, deep-seated corn that’s difficult to remedy.

A callus is more of a thickening of the skin as a result of the skin’s response to frictional forces.

How Footwear Can Help

A correct fit and size will reduce the motion of your foot within the shoe, thus reducing the primary cause of corns and calluses. A foot orthosis to correct underlying biomechanical abnormalities and inserts that contain gels and foams can help as well. Socks that reduce the frictional forces on the skin can also help, as can wearing two layers of socks.

For additional relief from corns and calluses, use a pumice stone on them after bathing. Skin creams and softeners, either over the counter or by prescription, may help slow the progression of corns and calluses. There are also friction-reducing gels that have been shown to reduce their occurrence.

If you have diabetes, arthritis or neuromuscular disorders, it is a good idea to have a podiatrist take care of your corns and calluses.

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